I’m Not Musical!!

Never has there been a more untrue statement. 

We came to this earth with music in our bones. 

We are musical creatures. 

The way the body hums in harmony and feels the crescendo and decrescendo of what it needs, is music.

The way our minds, more often than not, have songs running through them, is music.

The way we speak, with inflection, is music.

Stop saying “I’m not musical”. Change the term, instead, to “I don’t have much musical experience” and then get into the store and pick up an instrument.

Get signed up for classes and/or lessons.

Hop on Youtube and learn some basics.

Take the leap.

But WHY?

Because music is medicine.

Music remains when everyone and everything else is gone.

Music has been proven to pull alzheimer’s patients right back to reality.

Music has also been proven to lower blood pressure, improve sleep and boost our memory.

Music has the power to alter our mood, change our attitudes and make us feel things.


Don’t waste another moment not having musical experiences.

We guarantee JOY will follow.

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