5 Unique Music Gifts

We all know about the classics: pianos, guitars, violins, etc. But what about some lesser known instruments? Have you ever heard of a Steel Tongue Drum, or an F-style Mandolin? Well, you’re about to! Check out these 5 Unique Music Gifts, perfect for the percussionist behind the band, or as a centerpiece on your new coffeetable!


You’ve probably heard of a harmonica, maybe you’ve even heard a harmonica before! But have you ever played one? If not, you should! Harmonicas are incredibly versatile, beautiful instruments, and easy to learn! Pick one up today and try it out!

Cajon Hand Drum

Next up, a Cajon Hand Drum. For this guy, you sit on top and smack it with the open palm of your hand. What results is a deep, rich, and beautiful percussion sound.

Amahi Steel Tongue Drum

Personally, this is one of our favorites! Tuned in a specific scale, each tongue drum gives a beautiful, light sound. Because of the way they’re tuned, you don’t need any musical experience to get started! Simply grab the mallets and become the incredible musician you were always meant to be.

Crossley Turntable

Okay, so maybe these weren’t unique 60 years ago, but today? You aren’t going to find very many. Thankfully, records and turntables are making a comeback! Pick up a Crossley Turntable and swing by one of our stores to pick up your favorite records!

Gold Tone F-Style Mandolin

If you’re a fan of bluegrass music, you absolutely know what a mandolin is. But if you aren’t in the bluegrass space, you may not! Meet the Mandolin: the background to every fun country and folk song you’ve ever heard. Even if you don’t play, imagine this beauty on your wall, rounding out the modern home!

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