6 Accessories You Need For Your New Electric Guitar

Get a new Electric Guitar over the Holidays, or are you just looking for some purchases for your beloved instruments? Here are 6 accessories we recommend for your new (or old!) Electric Guitar!

Dunlop Variety Electric Pick Pack

Guitarists and their friends know – we go through picks like there is no tomorrow. This Dunlop Variety Pack for Electric Guitar is one of our favorites. Different shapes, materials, and thicknesses in this 12 pack gives you a new type of pick to try every time! Figure out what type you like best, or just keep buying this one over and over again, that’s what we do!

Guitar Straps

Straps the way the guitarists really let their personality shine through in their equipment. Sometimes there are only certain types, shapes, and colors of guitars available, but straps? Straps are forever. Check out our selection!

Guitar Stands & Hangers

Upgrade your music room instantly with a wall hanger or guitar stand! There is nothing that upgrades a room quite like instruments in open air. We absolutely love having our instruments able to be seen from any angle, and we think this gift will upgrade your room, too!

Guitar Cleaners & Polish

Keep your instruments looking brand new for years to come! A quick clean and polish every once in a while after you play will keep your instruments looking fantastic, and keep them performing like they should!

Pedals Under $100

Upgrade your or your loved ones pedalboard instantly with this selection of our Pedals under $100! Reverb, Overdrive, EQ, whatever you need, we have it.

Blackstar Fly Stereo Pack

Playing on the go with a huge, heavy amp you have to lug around? Stop it! Blackstar’s Fly Amp Stereo Pack is the perfect gift for someone who plays while they travel.

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