How To Start A Podcast Without Breaking The Bank

Are you interested in starting a podcast? Whether sports, true crime, religious, or anything else, you’ve come to the right place! One of the hardest parts of starting a new podcast is knowing what to buy to get started! But don’t you worry, we have you covered. Thankfully, starting a podcast has come a long way from its humble beginnings decades ago, and its easier than ever, and cheaper than ever, to get started.


There are two different types of microphones you can use for your podcast – USB or XLR. USB Microphones are going to be significantly cheaper, but the audio quality is going to be significantly worse than an XLR Microphone will be. So for the purposes of this guide, we’ll talk about XLR Microphones to give you the best quality possible for your new podcast! Because we are using XLR Microphones, though, means you need a middle guy to take that XLR data and convert it to something your computer can understand. That’s where interfaces come in.

Presonus Audiobox 96 Studio Bundle

As always we recommend our favorite Studio Bundle to get started! It comes with an M7 XLR Mic, a two channel Interface, and headphones! With two XLR ports on the interface, you can easily add another microphone if you have a guest or co-host for your podcast!

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 Audio Interface

If you only need the interface, or have a different microphone in mind, you can just buy the interface by itself! This is the same interface as the one above, in a different color, and its by far the best bang for your buck in terms of interfaces out there!


Now for the centerpiece of your setup. Microphone quality is what will make or break your podcast. Bad quality sound? No one will want to listen. Smooth, enunciated sound? People will listen to anything! There’s a billion different options out there for just XLR Microphones, but here are our recommendation, if you don’t want to go with the aforementioned Studio Bundle!

PreSonus PX-1 Condenser Microphone

Our recommendation for a microphone is by far the PX-1 Condenser Microphone! Its low price for a condenser mic combined with its fantastic audio quality makes it the best option for those getting started!

Miscellaneous Parts

There’s a few things you might need other than your interface and microphone. In particular, a mic stand, pop filter, and headphones are things you might be thinking about. In reality, you probably only need to buy a mic stand. A pop filter (so called because it stops the “pops” from your voice) isn’t necessarily required unless you have particularly sharp “s” and “p” sounds in your voice. You can use whatever headphones you want, and chances are you have some earbuds laying around you can use. That just leaves a mic stand. We recommend something light, not very big, and easy to move if you don’t always want it in the way. With that criteria in mind, here is our reccomendation!

Hercules 2 in 1 Mic Stand

This Hercules Mic Stand is exactly what you need. Adjustable, light, unobtrusive. Bring it out whenever you record, and put it away when you don’t!


That’s it! Frankly, it’s really simple. With one purchase, you can get started as soon as tomorrow! With a few more purchases, your setup becomes completely customizable. Have any questions? Shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or leave a comment down below! We’re always happy to help. Happy podcasting!

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