Be Well Rounded

Let’s talk about another really good reason for paving the pathway for children to study music:  BEING WELL ROUNDED!  The most interesting and intriguing people I know are those who have interest in and appreciation for lots of very different things.  Those are also the people who can appreciate, converse with, and be captivated by  people of varied interests and abilities. 

Being able to understand what you are looking at when you see a sheet of music is empowering whether you feel that you have any natural musical ability or not.  Being able to lose yourself in a beautiful arrangement of classical music or appreciate the power of soft rock music to soothe and relax is truly a blessing.  Developing the ability to appreciate the struggles undertaken to refine a masterful sound on a string instrument or be inspired by a composition of a budding artist is its own payoff.  Whether you are a gardener or engineer, a teacher or athlete, a doctor or contractor, your life is enhanced by understanding and appreciating pursuits outside of your own. Being able to accompany a hymn or play a peaceful and simple melody brings its own satisfaction to life – and often to the lives of others.

An inspiring young mother in my neighborhood is determined that her very athletic sons will grow up with an appreciation for and love of music. Now, having raised children of my own, I am certain that her determination is not always appreciated by her sons, but she persists, and they are emerging as stunningly well rounded young men. Also, having raised children of my own, I know that they will thank her for that someday.

Remember the line in Disney’s Tangled: “Venture outside your comfort zone.  The rewards are worth it.”

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