6 Beginner Soprano Ukuleles That Won’t Break The Bank

Ukuleles are one of the most fun instruments out there – they come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and materials, and they are easy to learn! Most people can pick up a Uke with no experience and be playing like a pro with just a few hours of practice. Not all Ukuleles are created equal, though. There is a sweet spot where quality meets cost – and chances are the $10 uke from Walmart or Amazon probably isn’t it. Here’s our favorite 6 soprano Ukuleles that won’t break the bank, so you can get started and feel great about your purchase!

Panda Tropical Soprano Ukulele

Starting our list is the Panda Tropical Soprano Ukulele in brown! The best part about this guy is its made from real wood, which is something that really matters when looking for a quality ukulele. Plastic has its place too, and we’ll get to that in the next few entries, but there’s nothing like a full wood uke sound, it’s unbeatable!

Kala Waterman Series Ukulele

I told you we’d get to the plastics! So, once you get down in price, wood ukuleles become unfeasible (quality ones anyway, stay away from $20 “wood” ukes)! Seeing the interest for a cheaper uke, but wanting to keep quality up, Kala got rid of the wood altogether and made a full plastic (with metal tuners) ukulele! The fun things about these ukes? They’re completely waterproof! Take them into the woods, mountains, even the beach and pool! The wood won’t crack or warp, because there isn’t any! Made with a thick, durable plastic, these ukulele’s even produce a sound that fights with the wood ukuleles of it’s price point! A great option for beginners – especially for kids.

Panda Soprano “Playful Panda” Ukulele

Ukuleles don’t always have to come in the same, boring flat color or wood grain. Get creative with Panda’s character series ukuleles, like this “Playful Panda” uke! These are always great gifts for a young ukulele player, or even an older one with a love for animals!

Amahi Strawberry Soprano Ukulele

Looking for something even more crazy than our previous entry? Check out this Strawberry-painted ukulele! This shape is called “pineapple,” basically meaning it doesn’t have the two dimples on the side, making its profile look like a pineapple! These ukuleles come in Strawberry, Watermelon, and more! You might be able to even toss a fun strawberry-smelling scratch-n-smell in the soundhole for a fun surprise!

Diamond Head Ukuleles

Diamond Head ukuleles are the perfect sweet spot of affordable with a great sound. They come in a variety of colors with a beautiful gloss finish, as well as fun printed styles in a matte finish! Click on the header or photo to check them out!

Penguin Soprano Ukulele

Our final entry are our wonderful Penguin Soprano Ukuleles! Similar to our one-color Panda ukes, but a style and feel all their own. They are a great beginner option, at the perfect entry price point. Check them out today!

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