The 5 Best Beginner Electric Guitars


Welcome to the world of electric guitars! If you’re just starting out, chances are you aren’t looking to drop $1000+ on a brand new guitar (although if you are, good on ya! We’re here to help with that too)! If that sounds correct, then keep on reading! Here are our favorite 5 electric guitars for beginners!

Nashville Guitar Works 135 Strat Sunburst (Maple Neck)

If you saw our guide on the best beginner acoustic guitars, you are no stranger to Nashville Guitar Works. For budget guitars, they are some of our absolute favorites. They come in a variety of colors and neck woods, as well as both Strat and Telecaster body styles! They look great, sound fantastic, and are the first pick in our beginner electric guitar guide.

Austin Archtop Single Cut Super 6

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more Les Paul-style? Look no further than the Austin Archtop Single Cut! They come in three colors, Black, Burst, and Gold, and they are a fantastic starter guitar for fans of the rounded body style. They also come in Telecaster!

Sterling Cutlass

Moving on down the list, we come to the ever popular Sterling Cutlass. Their signature body style and triple pick-up design (in both HSS and SSS) makes them the choice for guitarists who know how they want to rock and are ready to plug and play. They come in a variety of colors and pickup arrangements, so be sure to check often for the exact model you’re looking for!

Sterling Stingray

A bigger body = A more fun guitar, right? The Stingray is a lot like its brother, the Cutlass, but bigger, meaner, and just a little more expensive. The Cutlass comes with two Humbucker pickups, for a signature sound like no other.

Gretsch Jet Club Series

Last but absolutely not least, comes the Gretsch Jet Club Series of electric guitars. Gretsch is one of the most recognizable brands in the electric guitar world, and their entry level Jet Club guitars pack all the quality and sound of a Gretsch inside an affordable, stylish body anyone will love.

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