Top 7 Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars


If you’re just getting in to the world of acoustic guitars, welcome! Learning to play an instrument is an exciting time, and all of us here at Boothe Music want to be the first to give you encouragement on this new, exciting, and sometimes frustrating journey. The first step to playing a guitar, obviously, is having a guitar! But with so many brands and options, it is difficult to know where to start. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy little list of our favorite 7 acoustic guitars we think you should choose from as you are starting out. Let’s get started!

Nashville Guitar Works Orchestra in Edgeburst w/ Gig Bag

Our first entry into this list is Nashville Guitar Works’ Orchestra model Acoustic Guitar in Edgeburst (also comes in Natural finish)! This is a beautiful starter guitar, made in China and then quality controlled in Nashville at NGW’s factory for some of the best quality off-the-shelf guitars you can find. It’s starting price point makes it attractive to beginners who are just starting out and don’t want to dump a load of money into something they haven’t started yet!

Nashville Guitar Works Orchestra Cutaway A/E in Edgeburst w/ Gig Bag

Almost the same guitar as the NGW Orchestra Edgeburst, but now with a cutaway and included electronics! If you’re new to guitar, those two words might be confusing. Cutaway usually indicates that the guitar has electronics, or a pickup, inside the body, and the cutaway also makes it easier to play the really high frets, should you need to get access to them. Electronics/Pickups inside a guitar means you can connect it to a guitar amp (Here’s our recommendation for a starter amp), and get way more sound out of it than you did before! Also comes in natural finish!

Teton Dreadnought Solid Sitka Spruce w/ Gig Bag

While we absolutely love our NGW Acoustic Guitars, you might be ready for something a little… more. If that sounds like you, Teton is your brand. With all the quality of established brands, but at a fraction of the cost, Teton is the perfect entry for guitarists who know what they want out of their instrument. This beautiful Solid Sitka Spruce Dreadnought is one of the best options for starting guitar.

Teton STG100NT Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar

Moving up a bit in price and also sound quality, we have the Teton STG100NT Grand Concert. Grand Concert is Teton’s Orchestra body style equivalent, so if the Dreadnought above is a little too big for you, this is the size you want to be looking for. A beautiful Sitka Spruce top, intricate inlays, and gorgeous mahogany back and sides, this is a beautifully toned instrument.

The cutaway and electronic version of the guitar listed above, the STG100CENT is a beautiful Grand Concert guitar. One of our best sellers, it’s beautifully toned, artisan crafted, and includes Fishman pickups, a solid spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. Get all the incredible features of the STG100NT, and add a little bit more!

Teton STG100CENT Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar A/E

Dean AXS Parlor in Mahogany

Another option in body style to consider is the parlor acoustic guitar. It has a smaller body, with either a full size or shorter neck, and it is aboslutely perfect if you’re looking for something portable and smaller. It’s a great option especially for kids as a starter guitar, since Dreadnoughts and the like can be a bit too big for growing bodies, but it’s also a great option for adults! Sit around a campfire, take it to a coffee shop performance night, the possibilities are endless!

Gretsch “Jim Dandy” Flat Top

Sticking with our theme of smaller body guitars, Gretesch’s “Jim Dandy” line of acoustics is a perfect option for both children and adults alike! It’s smaller neck does limit its ability to play on the high frets, but it’s portability and signature sound more than makes up for it! A great option especially if you’re looking to get into bluegrass style music, check this awesome guitar out today!


That does it for our list today! We hope we suggested something you’re interested in trying out! If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call at either 801.798.7650, or 801.375.4435 M-F 10-7 and Sat 10-6! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check us out on YouTube! Thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the next one.

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