Child Rock Star Living In Your House? Do THIS First!

We get tons of requests from parents whose young kids want to play guitar. To this we say YES! We need all the rockers, heavy metalists, and indie folk artists we can get!

But there’s a slight problem. The large majority of children’s hands are too small for even the smallest of guitars. The space between frets and strings is just too much for most. Then there’s the pressure from building up calluses on the finger tips from the thick guitar strings. Frustration builds quickly and suddenly a child’s musical journey comes to a screeching halt.

Don’t worry! We have a solution!


The uke truly lends itself to smaller children. Here’s how:

•Smaller space between frets and strings makes reaching much easier. 

•Smaller neck means small hands can hold on, no problem.

•Thinner strings helps the gradual development of the fingertip calluses which keep everyone happier!

We have group ukulele starting in January and private ukulele lessons available now. Fill out a lesson form and your rockstar child can begin as soon as next week! 

Give your child the foundational skills to fulfill their rock star dreams!

Visit us at to get started!

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